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Looking For Tree Removal Services in Summit or Park County, Colorado?

Layman Tree Service has you covered.

Tree work should only be done by those trained and equipped to work safely with trees. In fact, simply “removing a tree” around your home or property is not always as simple as it seems. There can be many factors when deciding when and how to remove a tree.

No matter what your situation, we can help! The Layman Tree Service team has garnered years of experience in the tree service industry to bring you an unmatched level of quality service when it comes to tree management on your property in Summit County.

What is tree removal?

Tree removal means either:

1) complete tree removal, such as cutting a tree to the ground and removing it from your property.

2) taking any action that would lead to the death of a tree or cause permanent damage that may compromise tree health and stability.

When should I remove a tree?

A tree is either an asset or a liability. If your trees are not as vibrant or healthy as they should be, it’s a good idea to contact a tree specialist like Layman Tree Service as soon as possible to try to ascertain what is wrong. Trees that are diseased can in some cases be saved, to extend the life of your more beloved trees. If a tree is growing into a neighbor’s yard, or creating a safety hazard by dropping leaves and branches, it is your responsibility to take care of the tree. In some cases, large trees can pose too many dangers within a heavily forested neighborhood, and need to be removed to prevent wildfires and other hazards to the community.

Low Impact Tree Removal Process We Use.

When we’re on a job site, our biggest concern is protecting and preserving your property (think: gardens, remaining trees, structures). We take a delicate and precise approach to removing material from your property. We assess the area to identify clear drop zones without obstructions or hazards in the way.

We also identify clear paths on your property that we utilize for the tree removal process once the trees are felled.

Where do we offer tree removal services?

We’re your go-to tree removal service in Summit and Park Counties.

Our commitment to safety.

Tree removal can be a hazardous aspect of arboriculture. Our team of expert tree workers specializes in removing trees growing in confined spaces near houses, utility lines and other sensitive areas. We are licensed and insured, so you can hire Layman Tree Service with the confidence that your home and property are in good hands.

Ready to start your tree removal project?

Layman Tree Service is a small, locally owned and operated business in Summit County. We have been serving our neighbors just like yourself since 2018 and would love to have the pleasure to help you with your tree removal needs. We also offer additional services including: fire mitigation, tree risk assessment, lot clearing, pruning, forest health consulting, ground fuels reduction and firewood sales.

Be sure to check out your options for a Defensible Space Grant - we'd love to help you secure a grant for your tree project.

Give us a call or submit the Contact Us form to get your affordable tree services quote today!


Operating in Summit County since 2018, Layman Tree Service is independently owned and operated by Breckenridge resident Robbie Layman. Robbie has accumulated years of first-hand mentorship from working closely with the best in the business to deliver an unmatched quality of service in the tree removal industry. Robbie first learned from accomplished arborists who have worked in all areas of the United States and studied under tree felling experts with the U.S. Forest Service, before opening his own Tree Service company in 2018.

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